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Fight Colds, Flu, and more this season

Zinc for Colds

Zinc lozenges have become a popular treatment for the common cold. Taking zinc through the first few days of a cold may shorten the misery of an upper respiratory infection, the latest research shows. Zinc should not be taken for long periods of time. If it is, it may induce a copper deficiency in the body.

Elderberry for the Flu

Elderberry appears to boost the production of some immune cells and may also help block a virus's ability to spread. One study shows that taking 4 tablespoons a day for three days of a specific formulation of elderberry.

Garlic for Colds and Immunity

Like a number of other supplements, garlic seems to stimulate the immune system. Garlic may also help fight viruses. Garlic may lower the risk of catching a cold.  Note: Garlic may be dangerous in people taking blood thinners.

Ginseng for Cold and Flu

The different ginseng species may also boost the immune system and help prevent or treat cold and flu. One species, panax ginseng, may also increase the protection offered by the flu vaccine.


Due to its herbal compounds Eyebright is considered a great remedy for treating allergies and respiratory discomfort. The natural astringent-tannins in the herb may help reduce the mucus discharge during colds and flu by tightening the mucous membranes. Flavonoids and defensive compounds in Eyebright may also help in treating seasonal allergies, coughs, cold, chest congestion and stuffy nose.


Licorice Root

Licorice root may offer relief from coughing and sore throat due to sickness or allergies. Its properties include stimulating the body to create a protective mucus film that prevents damage to membranes in the throat, airways and digestive tract. In particular, licorice root may relieve pain from heartburn during coughing episodes where vomiting may occur. It may raise the blood pressure in sensitive individuals when used over a long period.



Ginger root powder is commonly used to dry up nasal congestion. Ginger helps reduce the feeling of pressure that results from sinus infections.


Apart from being a great natural sedative, catnip is also anti-bacterial, which means it is also a great tea to take when you have a cold or when allergies set in. Hot catnip tea helps to bring down fevers, through sweating, and also acts as a decongestant as it loosens phlegm and soothes respiratory distress. 
Take this tea as soon as you feel the first flu or cold symptoms. It will alleviate your fever and nausea. It is helpful with bronchitis, serves as a good inhalant for coughs and sore throats. It is a great relaxant for asthma and also helps if you suffer from sinusitis.

Natural Cough Remedies

1) Honey

Honey may decrease the frequency and severity of cough more effectively than the over-the-counter cough-suppressing drug dextromethorphan. Try adding honey to tea, or taking a spoonful on its own.

2) Marshmallow

Compounds extracted from marshmallow (an herb said to soothe irritated tissue) may provide significant cough-suppressing benefits.

3) Mullein

Available in lozenge, powder, and supplement form, mullein is a common weed that contains compounds said to act as demulcents (substances that relieve irritation or inflammation in the throat) and expectorants (agents for loosening mucus and making it easier to cough up)

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